As part of the "Bioplastic is Fantastik" initiative, I created zippered bags that can be usede.g. as cosmetic bags for storing cotton balls or cotton buds. 
They were made of natural ingredients (agar, water and glycerin) and dyes (beetroot or turmeric). The process was mixingand heating all the ingredients in a pot, then pouring them into appropriate vessels and drying them.

Then the logo that was created for the project was engraved (also made of bioplastic). The next step was sewing, which turned out to be a success ;).

The reason for creating the project is the short life of the products used, the temporary nature of information and the emphasis on ecology. The packaging made of bioplastic reconciles these two aspects. The material itself does not have any additional dyes or paints, so it will not leave a trace after decomposition. You can take them on a trip or keep them
in the bathroom and watch what happens over time. And when it starts to decompose, you can throw it into BIO waste or recycle it without remorse.

The whole thing took the form of an experiment with the use of biomaterials in the field of graphic design.


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