Various lettering projects.
When I moved to Gdansk, I started my first projects with local gastronomy. We managed to implement a few lettering projects that complemented the interiors or facades of the premises. Most of them took the form of glowing neon lights.

Project Niewidoczna (Invisible) is about that women have the right to the same symbols as men. I was responsible for typography on the „sneak peak” poster.
"W Gdyni nie pada" appeared in 3rd edition of @dipsheet.zin. "Lenistwo" - "Laziness" is one of my first lettering projects.
"Gdansk" is an interpretation of my feelings from the last years, since I lived near the Gdansk Shipyard.
"The Bilbao" poster was made as part of the "Show us your type" project. Here, too, the molds were designed from the start, later 3D printed and then photographed.

Project together with @katyayanisingh made typography poster with word „love”. Collected funds from sale of posters were used to donate dignity kits for Syrian women and girls. “Love is Love”, which has come to mean that the love expressed by an individual or couple is valid regardless of the sexual orientation or gender identity of their lover or partner.”


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